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Making a Change for a Better Life

Making a change is necessary for progress. Without change, we would not experience life in total bliss. The seasons would not be independent. Time brings a change that everyone must accept; nothing goes unchanged. Prayer is the beginning of a new way of living. When you pray, you can look for a change. Prayer does not change things. But it does change the people that pray. There are two types of changes you can expect in life. TRANSFORMATIONAL CHANGE or a TRANSACTIONAL CHANGE. Where there is no CONVICTION, there is not transformational change. Read in the Bible (KJV) St. John 3:3. Being born again is spiritual. The new birth is a transition from the old life to the new life by the renewing of your mind. When your mind changes, you don't see things the same way. A change of heart leads to eternal life. Transactional change is physical; it's an attempt to turn over a new leaf. If you have twenty dollars in your right pocket and you change it to the left pocket, you still have the same twenty dollars. Transactional change is tricky: if you made a withdrawal from the bank and you did not make a disposit, that's called bank robbery. Do you get the picture? My point is a transformational change will give you a better life.


thunder the baptist

putting the Lord's business in the street

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