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Bright Light Ministries, Inc.

The Preaching Corporation

 This Work is Anointed by God, Appointed by Jesus Christ and Instructed by the Holy Spirit.Our goal is to mobilize Christian Witnesses throughout the world. Share the good news of Salvation with others. In times such as these people need to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There is healing in the Word of God, if men are to be SAVED it is by the Preaching of the WORD and Power of God.

The Holy Spirit is working in the hearts of true witnesses to fulfill the Great Commission. Get in a hurry and start your MISSION!

We are "putting the Lord's business in the street"    


Organizer and CEO

Rev, Tommy Dyer

Dallas, TX

Bright Light Baptist Church is an International Church on the internet. Our charge is to Worship, Work and Witness. With Christ being the Head and Lord over everything we do. It's His Church! We are His workers! You can see and hear our pastor Rev. Tommy Dyer preach the gospel of Jesus Christ on . We will start broadcasting live on Facebook in June for our 10th anniversary.  

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