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A point of No RETURN!

What's that in your hand?

We use our hands for just about everything. It's hard to imagine not having none. We should be conscientious about what we use our hands for. We can use them to do right or wrong, it's about the choices that we make. Notwithstanding the choices that others make for us. If someone has talked you into smoking or drinking something that you know your body does not need, you just SURRENDERED to them. When you surrender, you lose the value of your opinion. It's alright to retain the right to say yes or no, or even change your mind. When you start using DRUGS, you are down to three options. 1. Get LOCKED up 2. Get CLEANED up or 3. Get COVERED up! (a point of no return). When you do DRUGS it's like, getting up every day and putting your shoes on the wrong feet. If you keep doing it, it will feel comfortable; but when someone else sees you, they recognize that you have your shoes on the wrong feet. When you pick up a pack of smokes, a wine, or a blunt. You have your life in your hands! Your life is in jeopardy when it is not protected. I walked around with my life in my hand, I thought I was cool, and unlike so many others I made the CHOICE to get cleaned up! I gave my life to a man name Jesus Christ. I decided that I had no power to save my own life. Now I'm asking you to take your life out of your hands and give it to Jesus! Jesus is able to do for you, what you cannot do for yourself. Going down a one-way street with no point of return can be devastating!


thunder the baptist

Now make your own decisions and get some protection for your Life and Soul!  Jesus is the only way!

  To Be Chosen

By Rev. Kendall Lyons

Let's be feels good to be chosen. As a matter of fact, it feels awesome! When you are chosen by friends, when you are chosen by a special someone one or when you are chosen to be a part of something important or big to you. Those moments bring about reactions physically, spiritually and mentally that make you feel un-stoppable, valuable and accepted.

When we are not chosen for something or by someone, we sometimes find ourselves upset, angry, and hurt. We feel wronged. We mutter under our breath, "its not fair," and "if they only picked me, they would see how wrong they were!"

 But here's something that should trip you out...God chose us...but how much more do we desire to be chosen for something so much smaller or of lesser value?

Many choose their relationship over God. Many choose their own intelligence and abilities over God. Many choose even money over God. Doing this can lead to a life of not only sin but also emptiness and depression. Imagine going to a job, or to a collage or staying in a relationship that "YOU" chose, and the choice was really worth nothing at the end of the day. Sure, the ride was great at first; it sounded great and felt great...but sooner or later, the ride has to, and will end.

1 Peter 2:9 gives us a clear reminder that we are in fact chosen. The scripture reads, "But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvelous light (Bible King James Version). "For now, let's deal with the word "chosen".

Like the excitement of being chosen by someone or something major and important to you, why should you be excited about being chose by God?

Two things: you have a purpose that God has set for you and He has (and can) call "you out of darkness and into his marvelous light."

In the scripture, the word "praise" is talking about the "power" and "goodness" of God. As a Christian, whether you are 12 or 21, you should make it known, or "shew forth" how good God is. Your talents, your abilities, your life, God gave it all to you - and on top of that he chose YOU. Use what God has given you to give Him praise. When you make God first, everything else falls into place - your talents, abilities, and your life, becomes recognized, and the best part is, it would be for the RIGHT reasons, RIGHT times, and RIGHT places. Let the Lord be first in your life and praise Him...don't let the "chosen" moments be a moment just for you. God already has you in mind, so stop worrying! After all, God chose us because He loves us...surely, we should love him back with all our heart, all our soul and all our might. (Deuteronomy 6:5).

Second, the Lord is always protecting you and keeping you out of hurt, harm, and danger. He protects and keeps an eye on all of us and on top of that sent his only son, Jesus, to pay for our sin... Jesus took our place. Whatever you are going through, God will pull you out of the darkness and bring you in to the awesome light of the day!

Finally, this text is referring to the believers in Christ. If you have accepted Jesus Christ into your life as your personal Lord and Savior, then what was shared here should help you see a newer perspective - in order to keep you from chasing after something, or someone, that isn't going to help you grow in your new, "chosen" Christian status.

Be a number one yourself and not a number two of somebody else! We have the opportunity to be what we want to become in life. Life is more than SMOKE and DRINK. Your CHOICE, Your BALL GAME! Choose the RIGHT players and not the BEST players. The right players will play a fair and earnest game. Start a task, finish a task is the beginning of your success.

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