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"Putting the Lord's business in the street!"

We love Christ because He first loved us!

Led by the Holy Spirit 

We are evangelists, teachers, and preachers, our work is anointed by God, appointed by Jesus Christ and instructed by the Holy Spirit, to be witnesses for the Lord. Christ is the Anointed One. Our goal is to encourage and mobilize Christian Witnesses throughout the world. So many of us are happy with just being saved. We believe, if God has been good to you, you should share the good news with someone. People are hurting and we should share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them. Christ is also our hope. If men are to be saved, it will be by the preaching of the Word of God! The Holy Spirit is working in the hearts of true witnesses to fulfill the Great Commission. Jesus said, "The harvest truly is plenteous, but the laborers are few; Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth laborers into his harvest." Matthew 9:37-38

There are a few things that we should be mindful of when witnessing. Remember that NO is an acceptable answer. Some people are undecided because their hearts are divided. Learn to deal with Rejection, be able to follow up, and follow through!

Don't let rejection become a stumbling block. Learn how to make a different approach. Following up on your work is key to your success. Work in the name of Jesus.

1. Be Compassionate, show love the way you want be loved.

2. Be Concerned, make sure a bible is available and pray for them.

3. Make Contact, be sure to share the Word of God with someone.  

We want to invite you to be a member of Bright Light Baptist Church work, it is Virtual. We are based in Dallas, TX. Our goal is to ignite a global grassroots movement by putting the Lord's business in the street.

Be a prayer warrior! without prayer you will be disappointed in your efforts. Prayer is the key that unlock the power to do a successful JOB!

The Holy Spirit will help you lift up the name Jesus. Jesus must get the Glory! He is worthy! In His Holy name, we are able to become powerful witnesses. We can do nothing without Christ.

We will, preach and do evangelism workshops at your request, contact us for available dates. Call the Church and leave a message. Church number 972 217 8338. Or e-mail Pastor at 

Look for news on our Sister Church Grace from Heaven Baptist Church, Pastor Franklin Mitchell 

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Mount Calvary Christian Center

17440 FM 529 Suite 104A

Houston, TX. 77095

Church: 832-289-1066

Mobile: 318-503-1006

Pastor Deatrick Mitchell

About Us

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