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 God's Word is Key to Spiritual Growth. Don't forget to Pray

 Five steps and four stages

of Spiritual Growth

Prayer! the key to spiritual growth

  There are two kinds of prayers: the one that reaches God and the prayer that does not reach God. There is something between you and God, it is SIN! Sin blinds and binds, it will hinder your spiritual growth. Sin will bind you in a critical condition of helplessness. Prayer will help you to cease SIN or SIN will entice you to cease your prayer. If you have been praying all day, you will not have the desire to sin. On the other hand, if you have been sinning all night; you just don't feel like praying. PRAYER WILL CAUSE YOU TO CHANGE! It is widely said and taught that prayer changes things. Prayer does not change things but it changes the person that prays. When you pray, you received the POWER to change anything. A little prayer, a little power. A lot of prayer, a lot of power. No prayer, no power.

The first prayer you should pray, is LORD SAVE ME! Then confess your sins and Jesus will do for you, what you can not do for yourself. Jesus is able to do all things, and not fail! Trust in God and Be BORN AGAIN! Prayer will cause you to grow spiritually. You can be a SPIRITUAL GIANT through prayer...

thunder the baptist

The Five Steps of Spiritual Growth!

Now is come the time that we should learn the 5 steps of SPIRITUAL GROWTH. Growing is not something that happen over night, it is a process. Even as a baby must be cared for, milk, then food that will strengthen its body. The spiritual babe must have someone to provide nourishment for spiritual growth, (the Word of God). Without the Word, the spiritual babe does not die, but remain weak and helpless. Study your bible that you may grow consistently, adding prayer for power. 

Step one: We must read our bible

a. When we read our bibles, it does something for us.

1. It causes our Faith to increase. Romans 10:17 tells us faith comes by hearing the Word of God. You can pray for more faith, but it will only come by reading the Word of God.

2. It convicts us of sin. Hebrews 3:12-13 shows that the Word of God reveals our innermost self to us. Without this correcting influence, we will go astray.

3. It helps keep us from committing sin. Psalm 119:11 teaches us that the Word of God holds us back from sins we might otherwise commit.

4. It gives us a standard by which we can live our lives. II Timothy 3:16-17 emphasizes that the bible is the inspired Word of God. It profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness!

Step two: We must pray.

a. Jesus commanded his disciples to 'watch and pray.' The word "watch" means to be wide awake or alert. Watchfulness and prayer are inseparable. One discerns danger and the other arms against them. These two are victorious, when encountering temptation. Although tempted to sin, prayer and watchfulness, gives us the power to overcome sin.

b. A major cause of Peter's failure was prayerLESSness. He would rather sleep instead of praying. Matthew 26:33-35 shows that Peter had too much confident in himself. To be effective in prayer, we must not be self-confident as Peter, but helpless before God. So many times we seek resources that are limited, But I am glad to tell you, that through PRAYER we can tap into an unlimited SOURCE! OUR GOD!

Keep on praying and see the RESULTS!

Step three: We must fellowship with other Christians.

a. Fellowship means more than mere friendship. The Greek word for fellowship is KOINONIA, which means "sharing in common."

b. We can profit from spending time other Christians by:

1. Hearing another's experience/testimonial

2. Group prayer; God honors united prayer (Matthew 18:19)

3. Learning God's Word together

4. Planning teamwork to reach others with the message of Christ.

c. It is the will of Christ that His followers should assemble together. The communion of the saints is a great help and privilege, a good means of steadiness and perseverance whereby hearts and hands are strengthened.

d. Hebrews 10:24-26 tells us that we are to consider and encourage one another in love. We are not to forsake the assembling of ourselves together. Christians are to assemble together so that we may exhort one another in the faith and engage in a corporate worship of our Lord.

Step Four: We must witness for Christ.

a. Witnessing has been aptly described as, "One beggar telling another where to get bread!"

b. Three reasons why we should witness:

1. Jesus commanded it (Matthew 28:18-20)

2. That others may be saved also (Romans 10:17)

3. Jesus will be with us as we do His Work (Matthew 28:20)

c. I am ready and I am not ashamed!

If God has been good to you, you should be willing to share with someone, about his goodness and His LOVE!

Step Five: We must obey God

a. Three reasons why we should obey God:

1. Because we love Him (John 14:21)

2. Because we are not on our own (I Corinthians 6:20)

3. Because His commandments are not burdensome (I John 5:3)

b. Being disobedience will catch up with you

1. Serving two masters is not an option (Matthew 6:24)

2. Obedience is better than sacrifice, Jesus PAID it all, and to Him, I owe my all!

3. Jesus is Lord of all OR Lord not at all. We must follow Him without a doubt.

4. There is a consequence for not obeying God. Either we believe and receive SALVATION or WE PERISH! (hell is waiting on you!)

thunder the baptist

Four stages of spiritual growth

"But grow in grace, and the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ." Four stages of spiritual growth are revealed. We should know that sin hinders our spiritual growth and confession strengthen our will to grow. By the power of the Holy Ghost, we can become SPIRITUAL GIANTS!

 1. The BABY STAGE: This is where we all start, we want to work as if we are in our old nature. But that's not so! When we are born again, we are spiritual babies. A baby thinks of self only. Babies can not talk or sing, but can get what it wants by crying. Babies need milk, because they will choke on meat. They have the desire to walk before they can crawl. Spiritual babies are CARNAL CHRISTIANS!

 2. The LITTLE CHILD (toddler) STAGE: Don't you know some Christians that act like little children, They lie on one another, they are very cruel and envious. The characteristics of a child is easy to spot. When they are crossed, they will cause a scene. They are also busybodies, meddling into what others are doing. The little children stage is real tough, they love praise and will accept it from anybody. Selfishness is the key to their happiness. Are you a spiritual child?

3. The YOUNG MAN STAGE: This is the time we should prepare for our spiritual work. At this stage, we should be able to demonstrate faith in what we believe in. We should recognize the enemy and his works. At this stage, trusting in the Lord is a must! When we put away childish things, we can grow to be a strong young man!

4. The MATURE MAN STAGE: The mature spiritual man has developed a trust and spiritual bond with the Lord. He knows that God is in control, then he can be at peace with God. The mature man has contentment in all aspects of his life, by the power of the Holy Ghost. He knows that he is a CHRIST-MAN full of love and willing to serve God, with a vision and much prayer. Now you can grow to be more than a carnal Christian, you can become a CHRIST-MAN filled with the Holy ghost. 

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