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In the Business of Pleasing God

It is easy to see what someone else is doing wrong.  And we are never short on advice on what they need to do.  When you’re busy taking care of someone else’s business, your business goes unattended.   We should mind our own business and not mettle in other folk affairs.  It is commitment that keeps you focus on your goals.  Most of us are guilty of worrying about things that we have no control over.  The things of the past are gone.  We must look to the future and work on our mission that we were sent to do.  The work of Christ is always available and we must assert ourselves to do our very best.   If you want a reward, you must work to please God.  You cannot please Him without FAITH.  Before we can please God, you must know that God takes no pleasure in sin or the workers of iniquity.  You must make the choice to please God.  Christians should stand for God, even when adversity comes and challenge your faith. Trust the Lord!   Jesus always worked to please God the Father.  In the bible (KJV) St. John 8:28-29, 

thunder the baptist


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