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Worry makes you Unstable

Instability is one of man’s greatest obstacles to overcome. Stability comes when you live by God’s will (plan) and set goals that are reachable. You will not reach your goals when you are unstable. Instability breeds DOUBT and ANXIETY. When you worry about things you have no control over, you become frustrated. Everyone would like to know how their life will be in the future. Since we cannot see into the future, we must trust God. Life is demanding! Getting an education, getting a good job, and having a lot of money is not the answer. All of the money and gold in the world cannot save your soul. When you put your trust in money and your possessions, they will let you down. Faith and love will bring STABILITY into your life. Your faith can replace doubt and anxiety. By faith, you learn to trust God for the things that seem impossible. As we learn to love and learn how to forgive, then we can see some stability. We must build our lives on our faith in Jesus Christ. WHY CHRIST? Christ is the SOLID ROCK and, there is no other foundation to build on. Life is empty without Christ the Lord because there is no connection to God. Christ makes it very clear that we must trust God. We must, at all cost, remove all doubt about God and His abilities to take of us. God will save us from the wrath to come. We must be born again and receive the seed of God (the gift of God) and become a new creature in Christ.

thunder the baptist

“putting the Lord’s business in the street”

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