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Criminal Intent

I hope that you know the story of how Judas betrayed the Lord Jesus. The bible gives an account of how Judas sold the Lord out for thirty pieces of silver. Judas had a problem with greed. Greed will cause you to have criminal intentions; ambition was the driving force behind Judas's greed and criminal intent. When criminal acts are done toward innocent people, it's never justifiable. Judas had a position within the group of twelve. His position as treasurer caused him to puff himself up. Don't you know some people whose ambition is bigger than their position? In the church, if you receive an appointment of leadership, you should not look for the pastor to work with you but you should be able to work with the pastor. The pastor is the leader and you should follow his instructions. We must learn that leadership is ACTION and not a position. Judas was not an effective leader. He was greedy and selfish.

There are consequences for criminal actions. The bible teaches that after Judas had received his pay for his dirty deed, he was not happy. He returned to the crime scene and tried to undo the crime. Read Matthews 27:3-5 and see what happened to Judas. Now he admits that he was wrong and tries to (repent) give the money back. Then he goes out and hangs himself. When you have a Judas in your life, be aware of the "Judas Kiss of betrayal." Judas' purpose was not about money, it was about shedding innocent blood. Remember you don't have to kill Judas, he will kill himself.


thunder the baptist

putting the Lord's business in the street

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