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Working for God is Trusting Him

You don't need an application or a resume to start work. 

Because of sin, we die spiritually. But because of Christ, we are saved by grace. We must choose to please God by submitting to the will of God by the power of the Holy Spirit. It's a choice that every born-again believer must make. Working for God is like being a salesman. You must be able to present your product so it is attractive to a buyer. The problem with most salesmen, they can sell, but they can't close the deal. Witnesses can lead people to Jesus Christ, but they can not entice them to accept salvation. Sometimes your personal testimony can help someone come to a decision. Encourage people to read the Word of God and to pray daily. Trusting God is our number one goal. We must bear our cross daily and follow Christ.

thunder the baptist

putting the Lord's business in the street

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