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What will it take for you to BELIEVE?

In the bible, St. John 20:24-29 is a great lesson to learn about unbelief. The sin of unbelief is one of the greatest sins that a man can commit. You must believe that God is, and you must come to Him by faith. It is one think to know about God and it is another to know God personally. Do you know Him today? To know God is to WORSHIP Him, PRAISE Him and Walk with Him. A personal relationship with God starts with being born again. Being born of God's Spirit is what makes a man spititural. Unbelievers cannot please God in the flesh. Every man must believe that God makes him a new creature in Christ. The new birth in Jesus Christ is the key to true Worship and the only way to Walk with God is to be in Christ. The sin of unbelief hinders your walk, your praise and your worship. Pray and be of good cheer Christ is the only way to please God. 

Thunder the baptist

putting the Lord's business in the street

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