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What Prayer can do for You

1. INSIGHT is the ability to use common sense spiritually. Get to know the God you serve and His purpose for your life. 2. DISCERNMENT is the ability to know right from wrong. Avoid the work of darkness and remain steadfast in the work of the Lord. 3. Conviction and Commitment is the key to spiritual growth.

God hears and answers every prayer. We may not like every outcome. Answered prayers come in three ways. Yes, No, and Wait. Let me explain; if God says yes, you will see immediate results. When you don't get what you asked for, God gives comfort for a no answer. Wait does not mean maybe; it means not now. Prayer helps you trust God in your walk with Him.

thunder the baptist

putting the Lord's business in the street

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4 days ago

Your reflections on the power of prayer to transform and guide us resonate deeply. The insights you've shared on the role of prayer in our spiritual journey are both enlightening and encouraging. Seeking insight into God's purpose, practicing discernment in our choices, and nurturing conviction and commitment are indeed pivotal for personal and spiritual growth.

The reminder that God hears and responds to every prayer, even if the outcome isn't always what we expected, offers solace and guidance. Understanding that answered prayers may come in different forms - Yes, No, or Wait - teaches us to trust in God's divine timing and wisdom. Your message beautifully underscores the importance of faith, patience, and trust in our walk with God. Thank…

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