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Unhealthy Relationships

It is unhealthy to remain in a bad relationship or a one-sided friendship. Domestic abuse is toxic to a romantic relationship. Love never hurts; when the hitting and punching start, it will never end. Apologies are like band-aids; it only covers up the wounds. The pain is endless. Putting trust in the wrong person is a mistake that many have made. It is never too late to get out and start over. It takes courage and the aid of loved ones. Plan your exit be strong not to turn back. When you look for love in all the wrong places, you will find lust and deception. Internet love is not a good start. Don't be deceived by the outside appearance. Pay attention to the signs that people give. Any man that loves his mom will love his wife. Listen to and hear about past relationships. People often talk about what is important to them. Be careful about sharing your business with someone you just met. Don't get over-excited and blind-sided by the physical attraction. Real love is genuine. Infatuation is the heartbreaker of many relationships. Look for balance! It's okay to change your mind when you feel uncomfortable. Remember NO means No. Stay in control of yourself. There are other times and places for new relationships.


thunder the baptist

putting the Lord's business in the street

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