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Thrill-seekers love the enjoyment of the moment. When the thrill is gone, there is a loss of pleasure. The pleasure of active sin is a driving force with consequences. Thrill-seekers are like gamblers; they love to take a chance. They love to win. They will cheat and go to any length to win. They become angry and abusive when they lose. They take credit when they win and blame others when they lose. Sociopathic liars will lie for no reason. They will lie to you and lie for you if necessary. Lying is their game. There is no profit in lying because the truth exposes all lies. Being truthful is a learned behavior. The life of a sociopathic liar is complicated because they have no depth perception. They are shallow in their thinking.

Lies destroy your accountability and make you untrustworthy. The real problem is when a lie looks better than the truth, don't be DECEIVED. When you know the truth and accept a lie, you become a part of that lie. Deception is the game of thrill-seekers. Don't be deceived by the flattering words to puff you up. Pride and rebellion will be your downfall when you think more of yourself than you ought to. Pride caused the devil to rebel against God. It caused him to lose his position in Heaven. The pleasure of sin will destroy your relationship with God.

thunder the baptist

putting the Lord's business in the street

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