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The Work of a Disciple

St. Mark 16:15-16

There are three aspects of Christian Work.

Commission - You are CHOSEN

Mission - To go is your CHOICE

Power - Empowered by the Holy Spirit.

Jesus said, "You have not chosen me, but I have chosen you." The call of Christ is first to come To Him for SALVATION and then there is a call to Come AFTER Him for DISCIPLESHIP. After receiving salvation, we must heed the call to become a disciple. There is a REQUIREMENT for becoming a disciple. You must be born again and become SPIRITUAL to do the work. That's the QUALIFICATION for being COMMISSIONED. So many make the mistake of getting CERTIFIED without being QUALIFIED. There are many jobs that you may be qualified to do but, certification may not be attainable.

II. The MISSION is a CHOICE you can WORK or PLay. The workers must prepare through TRAINING and much PRAYER. The worker must WALK and WORSHIP and WORK by FAITH. HOPE is the KEY because there is a sense of URGENCY. People need the Word of God to become saved. All of those who choose to play can not overcome the pleasure of sin. The player's MISSION is motivated by INSELFILIDUS, SELFISHNESS and GREED is the Players' downfall. PLAYERS, be AWARE! When you play on the devil's playground, you play for fun but the devil plays for keeps. Players often find themselves in trouble when they are disobedient to the will of God. The player does not realize that in the game, He got to PAY to STAY. After a beat down, the player realizes that the game is to be sold and not told. A singer named Joe pinned a song titled "I don't want to be a player no more." There are three types of people in the game, WINNERS, LOSERS, and CHEATERS. Remember, winners never CHEAT and cheaters never WIN. Life in the game can break your spirit.

III. The Worker needs the POWER of the Holy Spirit to do the work of the Lord. When workers are not committed to the MISSION, people suffer in a world of darkness. The and the RESULTS belong to God. Don't worry about the outcome. Do the work of an Evangelist and souls will be saved.


thunder the baptist

putting the Lord's business in the street

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