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The Test of Time

Can you remember how God brought you out of your wilderness? Over the years, you started to forget God and His goodness. You can deceive yourself by thinking you made it on your own. When you get to the top, the bottom is waiting for your return. Don't forget the people that helped you along the way. The gutter is waiting on your return. The mistakes you made in the past ought not to dictate your future. Learn from those mistakes and rise to meet the challenges of the future. Time waits on no one. You have made it this for so don't give up now. God got a blessing with your name on it.

Receive the blessing of salvation through Jesus Christ. Do it today, tomorrow is not promised to anyone. God promised us eternal life through Christ the Lord. The test of time will defeat you if you die without accepting Jesus as your Savior. Don't let the sin of unbelief be your downfall. Be born again and be delivered from God's wrath. Christ is calling you to come today.


thunder the baptist

putting the Lord's business in the street

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