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The Faithful Servant of God

God has given every man an assignment and a certain amount of time to fulfill His will. If God sends someone with a message, it is His plan and not the plan of the messenger. Study God's Word and you will know God's plan too. Since we have an allotted time, we must do all we can while we can. Approach your work as if today is the last day to work. You can not afford to waste time. We must use our TIME, TALENT, and SUBSTANCE to the glory of God. Manage your time wisely! There are three types of servants, the OBEDIENT, the DISOBEDIENT, and the SELF­SERVING. The obedient servant knows when God sends you on a mission (work) to complete. At times you may be by yourself but you are not alone. The Lord promised to be with you. The obedient servant works to please his master and he finds joy in keeping the Lord's commandments. Christ is our perfect example. The obedient servant must set goals and work daily to reach them. Even if you are going through some hard times, keep on toiling. Your purpose is to lead lost souls to Jesus Christ and witness to a dying world.

At the end of the day (work), there is a reward. Every obedient servant will be honored by God with a crown of Rejoicing. The disobedient servant has an agenda of his own; Greed is his master. The disobedient servant knows what to do, but he is content with doing his own thing. The consequences of being disobedient are great. The Word of God reminds us that "he that knows to do right and refuses to do so will be beaten with many stripes." The self-serving servant who will not follow Christ becomes the servant of sin. When you submit to sin, destruction will follow. Death and hell are the rewards for disobedience. Disobedience leads to self­serving and selfishness will prove to be unfruitful.


thunder the baptist

putting the Lord's business in the street

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