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The Element of Surprise (Death)

It's not how long you live, but its about how serious you are about dying.  Shame on you, if you have made no plans to die.  I'm not talking about funeral arrangements; I'm talking about your choice of life after death.  If you fail to plan for heaven, you already have a reservation for hell.  Hell is accepting every one who fail to repent of their sins and all of those who rejects God's plan for salvation.  Hell ought not be a surprise to you if you did not accept Christ as your personal Savior.  Christ offers redemption to all mankind.  It is yours to accept or to reject, don't let no one make the decision for you.  The second death is real and it's final. There is an entrance to hell, but there is no exit.  You don't go through hell, you go to hell.  Hell is a prepared place for all those who miss out on the free gift of salvation.   God is not going to make you accept His love and mercy. Men value the pleasure of sin more than the love of God.   And the lust of the flesh has blinded their minds and hearts.  The sting of death shall come on every man unaware.   Man knows that the day of death is coming, but puts it off as though it is not going to come.  Then man is caught by the element of surprise. Dying ought come as a surprise to you.  There are five steps that a man goes through when deaths comes.   1. DENIAL: Oh! it can't be my day.  I'll not ready; I'm to young to die.  I've been good and I have done a lot of goods works.  Your denial will not save you.  Remember the Word of God,  "Be ye also ready, ye know not the day that you may be called."   2. ANGER: It's a little too late to get angry.  Now it is time to pay what you owe. You can't blame no one for your shortcomings and for the time you have WASTED.   Being angry with God is not going to change anything.   Sure, you had a lot things that you wanted to do, but you waited until it was to late.  You had every chance to get it right: your anger should be directed at yourself.  3. BARGAINING: Trying to make a deal with DEATH will not work. When death comes, its a done deal.   Death was sent on a mission to get you.  It is not a time for bargaining, but a time of surrender.   4. DEPRESSION: The tears and painful thinking will not help you now. The fear of death has overcome you. Now you feel helpless, hopeless, worthless, and all alone.   There are many Christians that fear death, because they know that they have not been obedient to the Word of God.   And their fear is that they're going to loose their salvation.  You could go to a church and ask the question, "Who would like to go to heaven?"  Everyone would say yes.   But if you asked, "who would like to go today," and you would hear not a word.  Now you have the final stage.  5. Acceptance: Now you must accept the true fact that the day of Recompense and the day of Judgement has come.   The difference in the two days is, the day of recompense is the day that God pays you for what you have done.  The day of judgement is the day you pay God for what you have done, good or evil.  All mankind must give an account of their deeds and stand before Jesus Christ the Righteous Judge.   There is no getting around death.  When death calls; SMILE and say, Yes I am ready...

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