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So, you say you can handle drugs

Don't be one of the people in the graveyard who said they could handle drugs; now drugs got a handle on them. Bad habits are hard to break. You are on a crash-and-burn course when you start smoking cigarettes, then use a little alcohol, and smoke a little weed. Then the hard stuff is next. When you start doing drugs the obvious is present. It's like getting up every day and putting your shoes on the wrong feet. Do it enough and it will become comfortable. When someone else sees it they recognize that you are wearing your shoes on the wrong feet. When you do drugs you only have three options. You can get LOCKED UP, CLEANED UP, or COVERED UP. Do you get the picture? Be exceptional, you always have options. You have a CHOICE. Ordinary or Extra-Ordinary: it's an ORDINARY thing to die and go to hell but an EXTRA-ORDINARY thing to overcome the enemy and accept Christ as your personal Savior and go to heaven. Being born again is Exceptional, but dying and going to hell is OPTIONAL.


thunder the baptist

putting the Lord's business in the street

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