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Recovering from DISAPPOINTMENT

To recover is to get better or regain something that was lost. There are so many disappointments in life, without them we would not appreciate God and His goodness. Disappointment is an emotion that can be dealt with by trusting the Lord. Sadness is the way we react or respond by shedding tears. Tears are not always from disappointments, there are also tears of joy. When we are disappointed we must make a choice to use DIRECT COPING instead of DEFENSIVE COPING. Defensive coping is a way of dealing with an emotional or stressful problem by running away; instead of facing reality. Running away does not make things better they only get worse. If you can face your mistakes, you can initiate your RECOVERY. It is unhealthy to give up! Direct coping is "manning up" facing the PROBLEMS and finding ways to solve them. We must learn to cope with LIFE as it comes on a daily basis. Life is not fair and sometimes people are not fair. Be encouraged when people let you down. I believe that God is always fair. If you don't have to go to hell for the sins that I commit and I don't have to go to hell for the sins that you commit, that's fair enough for me. I am in denial when I blame others for my failures and shortcommings. I must be able to forgive others when they disappoint me. MY RECOVERY IS ACCORDING TO WHAT I DO NEXT. If I fail to do nothing I have no one to blame but myself. The best way to recover from disappointment is to PRAY and TRUST God. That's easy to say but not easy to do. By the power of the Holy Spirit we learn to trust in God and build our hope in Christ. We can overcome all our disappointments in Christ our Savior.

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