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Prayer is the Spiritual ICU

The command to pray is not a request; it's a REQUIREMENT. There are many times that you don't feel like praying; this is when prayer is URGENT. Our Intensive Care Unit is praying for the Sin-Sick-Soul. It is a sin when we don't pray. We must be OBEDIENT to the call to pray. Not just for the things that we want and the things we need. Sin is why we must pray because temptation is always an obstacle. If you want to be saved, you must pray this powerful prayer; "Lord SAVE ME!" Believe that Christ died for your sins. He will forgive you of your PAST, PRESENT, and FUTURE sins. And upon the profession of your faith, Christ will come into your heart. Prayer will not change things, but it will change your life. Without prayer, a man will perish. Hear the Word of God! The message of Jesus Christ is life-changing. Don't let your foolish pride hinder your blessings. We must go to God with Thanksgiving in our hearts. Bless the Name of God; He will bless you. Jesus prayed and taught His disciples to pray. Please approach God with a humble heart and with a praying spirit, acknowledging Him. God is the God of Heaven and Earth. He is my God.

thunder the baptist

putting the Lord's business in the street

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