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Not without a COST

The freedom that we enjoy daily comes not without a price.  The people that serve in the military, law enforcement, health care and many others, make a sacrifice for our safety.  We often take for granted the freedom that we have.  Many people would like to have the security of knowing that they are protected by Constitutional Rights.  These rights come at a cost most of us are not willing to pay.  Your right to vote cost many people their lives.  Freedom of religion is one of the greatest rights that we have in this day and time.  Everyone on earth should have the right to serve and worship God.  We don’t all serve the same God, but it should be your choice.  Don’t let anyone take your CHOICE from you.  Some of us have to pay greatly for some of the bad choices that we’ve made.  When you make a mistake, correct it and move on. It is a bad choice to not learn from, not only your mistakes, but you should learn from the mistakes of others. The bible teaches us that a man will reap what he sows.  Many of us deny the sin in our lives, but it is sin that beset us and blinds our eyes.  When you do wrong, your own deeds will judge you.   When you do right your work will speak for you.  You must stand for the truth and for what’s right, there is a REWARD in doing right.   It takes a made up mind to follow Christ, you must be committed.  Christ leads us on the path of righteousness for His Name sake.   The journey leads to Gethsemane, (a symbolic place in life) that you can’t go around.  You must go to Gethsemane it’s a place where you enter the joy and the suffering of Christ.  This is the time you learn how to pray and you learn to trust God.  In the mist of our suffering, we ought to experience the power of the Lord.   Suffering is not a reason to stop working, but a reason to do more work.  At the end of Gethsemane the path leads to a hill called Calvary.  When you get to Calvary, you must understand that it’s not what you have done for God, but what God has done for you.  The SACRIFICAL work that Christ finished upon Calvary was for the redemption of all mankind everywhere.  Christ gave His life for the people of God and for the world.   No sin goes unpaid for; Christ paid a ransom for our liberty. No one could pay this debt but the Son of God, Jesus Christ. His DEATH, BURIAL and RESSURECTION from the grave paid for our salvation.  The cost is all that you have, to do the work of Christ.  Ninety Nine and a half will not prevail, YOU GOT TO GIVE 100%...


thunder the baptist

Putting the Lord’s business in the street


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