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Life in the Fast Lane

Sometimes life is so good that we don't have the time to do all the things we'd like to do. Then we want to set the pace, sometimes making the wrong decisions. Be sure to make the right decision. The game; is already set. You got to get in where you fit in. When you start to live in the fast lane. It's called (hurry up and wait); you are moving too fast. Speeding is dangerous when you travel too fast. When we were teenagers, we could not wait to get 21 and be an adult. Then life is not what we thought it would be, work, and life's ups and downs. I want to remind you that life in the fast lane is sometimes short and full of disappointments. Stay in your lane. Money and the things of this world are not the keys to happiness. Build some good relationships with family and friends. Learn to put your trust in God. Life can be rewarding when we make the Lord God our number one source. You can't go wrong with God on your side. Jesus makes life worth living. He gives JOY that you can't buy. Have you tried Jesus? Take the time to smell the Roses!


thunder the baptist

putting the Lord's business in the street

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