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Going to Hell is No Joke!

It saddens my heart to hear people joke about going to hell. Hell is a real place of torment; it's not a joke. People rashly think that there is no hell. The general statement about hell is; that God is so loving that He would not create such a place. That's looking at it one way. If God would create a place (heaven) for them that love Him, why not a place (hell) for those who do not love Him. Man did at one time live in paradise, but he was EVICTED. Not because he did not pay his rent, the reason is simply because of DISOBEDIENCE and SIN. Where there is sin, there is a LAW, and there is a penalty. Upon conviction, there is a place waiting for the offender. Read the bible St. Luke 16:19-31 (KJV), Jesus teaches a lesson about heaven and hell. If you were telling a story of make-believe, you would not have human figures in the story. The rich man, Lazarus, Abraham, and Moses were real people. The point of this lesson is that the rich man died and WENT hell, Lazarus died, but the angles Carried Lazarus to Abraham's bosom in heaven. No one did not send the rich man to hell, he went there on his own. There is life after death. Then notice what happens next, He went to hell for nothing because he had a chance to do something, but he chose to do NOTHING. Make the right choice. So be aware of the truth that you can not only go to hell for the things that you do. You can go to hell for the things that you don't do. You can joke about hell if you like! There is an ENTRANCE, but there is NO EXIT! Hell is full of jokers and unbelievers.


thunder the baptist

putting the Lord's business in the street

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