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Get to Know your enemy

Before you can know your enemy, you must know yourself. Self-preparation is key to winning the battle. Your mind, body, and spirit must be in good condition. Don't let your disabilities dictate your abilities. You can overcome any obstacle that comes your way. Be strong physically and spiritually. The enemy is well prepared. Your best defense is a well-planned offense.

Getting to know the enemy is not easy. The enemy is the devil. It is hard to fight someone who you can not see. You must get to know God before you can recognize the devil and his deception. The devil always comes with his A-game. Your A-game is to be born again by the power of the Holy Spirit to become spiritually empowered. The fight with the devil is spiritual warfare. The aid of the Holy Spirit will help you to stand stedfast.

The tactics of the devil are not uncommon. He specializes in making the wrong things look right and the right things look wrong. The devil has three offenses move that you should recognize. 1. Excitement 2. Enticement 3. Intoxication. When you are excited, you can not think clearly. Sometimes the excitement is overwhelming, and it makes you blind to the facts. The enticement is one of the devil's most used tools. It is an attempt to get you to change your mind about what you know is right. If you know that sinning is wrong, don't let anyone lead you astray. The devil wants you to experience the pleasure of sin in a way that's it is intoxicating. The effects of alcohol will cause you to be out of control. The power of sin will cause you to lose your soul. You can overcome your enemy through Christ the Lord.


thunder the baptist

putting the Lord's business in the street

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