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Expecting the unexpected

You don't expect to find gold in a silver mine if you do. It is unexpected. Walking down the street, you don't expect to find money. When you do, what is your reaction? Learn to respond and not react to life's problems. Obstacles are always coming. Be prepared to deal with them as they come. Sometimes the best decision is not the right decision.

Learn to recognize the tricks of the enemy. The devil specializes in making the wrong things look right; the right things look wrong. The enemy uses the things that we see and feel to destroy us.

The pleasure of sin is like Quick Sand. You don't realize it until you are in it. The more you try to get out of it, the deeper you sink.

When you pray, believe God will hear and answer your prayer. Approach God with the right motive being humble in heart. Always acknowledging Him for who He is. We can count on God to grant the unexpected.

thunder the baptist

putting the Lord's business in the street

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