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You are powerless when it comes to controlling, people, places or things. But you should maintain and excise self-control. When your life is out control, you will experience a high level of anxiety. It may be impossible to stay focus on your goals and dreams. What you say and what you believe, it's for you. You have no right to try to control someone else's life. People who are passive are more likely to be submissive to someone or something. People who are assertive can stand their ground without becoming abusive. Self-esteem, selfishness, and pride will hinder your relationships. Selfishness is a leading cause of being out of control. When you can not have your way about everything, it's not the end of the world. You can't blame everyone else for your shortcomings. People have feelings just like you and they want the same respect that you demand. When your pride is in the way, it affects the way you think and the way you see other people. You have no control over your emotions and you must admit that you are trapped on an emotional rollercoaster. People don't have to dance to your music nor do they have use your opinions. The more you try to control people, they will rebel and resent you. Then you must let people exercise their rights. Treat people the way you want to be treated.

The first act of controlling someone is to BRAINWASH their mind. Isolation is the first step and then deprivation of food and water. When all communications are cut off; and someone has control over what you eat and when you eat, your mind and body should go into a defensive mode. Then the controller will make you think that you are wrong and they are right and that you don't have any friends. They will tell you that "all you have is me." Don't let no one tell you that your family does not love you. Don't listen to the lies. Deception is key to brainwashing. Don't let no one tell you that God does not love you. You are not a failure because God doesn't deliver you when you think He should. God is able and He will come in His own time. We should trust God for all of our needs and for our soul's salvation. And He is our protector from all hurt, harm and danger. God will deal with those who set out to harm us. When you cry out to God, He will respond to you. Christ taught His disciples to be aware of the doctrine of the religious leaders; who put more burdens on the people than they were willing to take on themselves. The Pharisees were more concerned about the traditions of men than the commandments of God. The Pharisees controlled people with duties that they knew that the people could not perform. People will impart their belief on you and they will say one thing and do another. Jesus was concerned about their zeal for traditions. Because the love for God was not in their hearts and they were self-serving. People who have been handed down religious beliefs over many generations, believe that you should accept their beliefs as well. We should make God first in our lives and we must teach our children that God is above all. And there is no other God besides Him. God is in control of all things, trust Him with your life today...

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