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Drop the access Baggage

Life is hard enough without the baggage we pick up along the way. A heavy load will hinder your success. Be careful don't let others drop their load on you. It is a daily struggle to walk upright. Avoid unhealthy relationships; be a good friend. You can't help a drug addict if you are an addict. Addiction is the beginning of many problems. Anger and bitterness hinder recovery. For some people, you have to love them at a distance. Just because you don't hang out with them does not mean you don't love them. When you say no, stick to your word. No is an acceptable answer. Bad influence can affect your judgment. Sin is the burden.

The Lord will help you bear your burden. You can overcome obstacles through prayer. Drop unnecessary baggage and enjoy the peace that comes from the Lord.


thunder the baptist

putting the Lord's business in the street

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