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Could you be indicted and charged for spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ? If it was against the law. Most Christians would be acquitted, and all charges dropped. The lack of evidence would set them free. In the early Church, it was unlawful to preach the gospel. In some countries today, it's against the law to spread the gospel.

Can your strong belief in Christ influence others to come to Jesus? Spreading the gospel is our job. Without conviction, you will not be committed. We must be willing to give our time, talent, and treasure to kingdom building. God does not expect us to work; it's a requirement.

Suffering is no excuse for not working. Can you die by the word that you live by? Your word is the only thing you own. Pray for conviction and be bold in witnessing. Your commitment to Christ will keep you convicted.

thunder the baptist

putting the Lord's business in the street

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