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Clean Hands and a Pure Heart

Calling upon the name of the Lord will save your soul and renew your spirit.  We are reminded to acknowledge the Lord in all of our ways.   God directs our paths when we acknowledge Him and when we call upon His Name.  Even when you are a sinner, God directs your path to the Light of Jesus Christ.  You must except or reject the Word of God and make a committed decision by faith.  We all have unclean hands until we are purged by the Blood of Jesus.  The Blood of Jesus washes away all of our sins when we accept Him as our personal Savior.  Without the new birth you have unclean hands and you have a sinful heart.   When we look at the work of our hands, we must realize that it is the intent of the heart.  You can hide what you think from others, but you cannot conceal your thoughts from God.  By nature we are, workers of iniquity, self-deceivers, and we are often self-destructive.  We walk in darkness but we say that we can see.  We say that we love God, but our actions deny our claim. We are guilty of saying one thing and doing another.  Our hands are dirty (unclean) because our thoughts are not right.  You can blame others for your deceitful work, but you will suffer the consequences.  Sin is real; it’s the reason for our shortcomings and our sin-sick-souls.  Being sick is not an excuse for not getting well.  The healing process begins when Christ is ACTIVE in our lives.  You must believe that Christ is able to make you WHOLE.  Christ gives us life by renewing our spirits through the Regeneration of the Holy Spirit.  If you fail to confess your sin and be born again you will die spiritually.  Every man will die physically, but you don’t have to die spiritually.  Jesus said, "Ye must be born again." Your good work and your righteousness will never please God.   God only honors what we do, in the Name of Jesus.  Our WALK, our WORSHIP, and our WITNESS must be done in the power of the Holy Spirit.  We must follow the work of Jesus, the hands of Christ never slapped any one, but blessed everyone that He made contact with. Christ only wanted to please God.  We error when we fail to humble ourselves and pray.  Without prayer, you will have no power


thunder the baptist

“putting the Lord’s business in the street”


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