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Be prepared for a surprise attack

Surprise attacks are not always defensive. You must prepare to make an offensive move on the enemy at all times. Being ready is the key to winning the battle. The best defense is a prepared offense. War-fare is something that we all must face in our Christian walk. Being a Christian does not exempt you from the wiles of the devil. The devil's motto and slogan, "never let them see you coming." You must learn some of the tricks of the devil. Since you can't see the devil, you must recognize his works. Lies are one of his greatest weapons. He specializes in making the wrong things look right and the right things look wrong. Deception is always the motive. But when you put on the whole armor of God you can fight a good fight. The first order of defense is to become spiritual. 2. This is a spiritual war-fare and you need a proper uniform. 3. Your defense is Christ the Lord. Christ has already won the war against the devil. We have to win battles. It is a good thing to plan a suprise attack on the work of evil. When you take a stand against sin, you can win souls for Christ. The Christians' main objective is to be a witness for Christ. Being a good witness makes a good soldier. A good soldier that's filled with the Holy Spirit will overcome sin and the devil. Things may be going great in life right now; be careful the devil got his eyes on you.


thunder the baptist

putting the Lord's business in the street


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