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Be A Good Soldier

When we count the wasted hours and look at what we could have done, all we have is excuses. Excuses are "a dime a dozen" everybody got one. When we fail to face responsibility and do our part, others must carry the load. The like of commitment will make you irresponsible. Being a soldier is not an easy task. The job requires skills and abilities. Get the equipment needed to complete the task of being a good soldier. Basic training is the beginning, then you must have a strong will of determination. Other soldiers are depending on you. Learn to trust them as well. There are no born leaders. Good leaders are first good followers. You must learn to follow ORDERS; you can instruct others to follow them. Your assignment and training are keys to what position you will hold. Leadership is ACTION and not a POSITION. To be a good leader, you must motivate others to follow you and to become productive warriors. You should know where you are going and how to get there. Your orders and a map will get you to the right place. Be committed and be on your post! When you are out of place, your whole operation is in jeopardy. A soldier's work is never done because it requires an around-the-clock watch. The Christian soldier's responsibility operates in the same way. It's not a physical war but SPIRITUAL WARFARE. The spiritual warfare starts within SELF. We must overcome our selfishness and pride. We fight against an enemy we can't see. We must attack the enemy's work. Take a stand against sin. When we attack the work of darkness with the Light of Christ, the enemy is EXPOSED.

thunder the baptist

putting the Lord's business in the street

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