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Are you mad at God?

Being mad God will not change anything. You are not smart enough to council God nor loud enough to get His attention. Check yourself! Are you mad because of the way things are going in your life? God is not the blame for you being in jail today. You must be responsible for your actions. It was God that told you not to steal, but you did it anyway. Now you want to blame God for all of your troubles. It's your choice. Sometimes we want to make the best decision for our lives. The best decision is not always the right decision. God smiles upon us when we choose to do that which is right. Doing right is a start to getting over your madness. Approach God with the right motive. Be humble because you don't want God mad at you. Your actions can change the way you feel about God. Correct your mistakes and look forward. God loves us and forgives us when confessing our faults. Being mad is the wrong attitude. Let joy be a comfort in knowing that we can overcome our madness and trust God. He has the power to turn your life around. Be thankful and glad for another day.


thunder the baptist

putting the Lord's business in the street

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