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Are you ASKING God the RIGHT question?

You shouldn't question God because He knows what's best for you, but it is alright to ask God a question. Are you asking God WHY when you should be asking God HOW? We often worry about things that we have no control over. Sometimes problems are more than we can handle. We have divine help that's available to all believers. Trusting God is first and foremost. Standing on FAITH is believing that God can perform what He said He would do. When trouble arises, ask God how to deal with it rather than ask why I have so much trouble. We must admit that sometimes we create our problems. All problems have a solution; you may not like the outcome. If you buy a car and you do not have a driver's permit, you just created a problem for yourself. We must learn to do first things first. Get a driver's license, then get a car. Life does not have to be complicated. Life becomes much easier when you are wrong, admit that you are wrong. Confession is good for the soul. Learn to talk with God rather than talking to God. Consistency and Confession get God's attention. When you pray, confess your sins, and be consistent in your request. God will show you how to be a conqueror in Christ the Lord. God is waiting to hear from you.


thunder the baptist

putting the Lord's business in the street

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