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There are three types of people in the world, those who have and those who have not and those who have not paid for what they have.  Then there are those who are willing to share what they have.  Being a giver is one of life's greatest rewards.  Giving is a learned behavior no one has to teach you to be selfish.  When we are children we should learn the value of sharing.  Selfishness will be hinder your spiritual growth and the way that you think of others.  No one should have to tell you that you can't have your way about everything.  Don't let selfishness be your downfall.  It's gointg to  take a made up mind to serve the Lord and to do His will.  Many have made the decision to serve, but they never get started.  Serving is an ACTION word.  DO NOTHING means just what it says.  It takes Commitment to start a TASK and Consistency to finish a task.  Gettin started is the key to reaching a goal.  In the bible (KJV), Johua 24:15b, Joshua was teaching the people of God to make up their mind to seve the true and living God and to fear the Lord.  And that they should serve God in sincerity and in truth.  Then he warned them about serving other gods on the other side of the flood and in Egypt.  Verse 15 part b, then he says, "but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord."  In this day and time you must make the SACRIFICE to serve the Lord.  We must follow Christ and He will give you the ABUNDANT LIFE.  It' a life of sacrifice and service; it's a life of being SEPARATED  from the cares of the world.  We must give our lives to Christ to receive a Spirit-Filled life.  You are filled with the Holy Spirit for the power to be a witness and to do the will of God.  You are filled with the Spirit to walk in the Spirit.  When we walk in the Spirit, we walk in the light of Christ our Savior.  Evil and darkness is the way of the world and we need the Holy Spirit to help in the time of persecution.  You must ask yourself, how can I be filled with the Holy Spirit?  First, you must have the desire to be filled with the Spirit and second, you must ask the Holly Spirit to fill you.  The Holy Spirit is God and He knows your heart.  You must pray to ovecome your sins and you will see a CHANGE in your life.  Love God with all your heart and let God love others through you.  This is the beginning of a life of sacriice and service.  Be careful to not become self-serving, it's a personal problem that many servants have today.  Make God FIRST and Christ will be ACTIVE in your life through the Holy Spirit...

thunder the baptist

"putting the Lord's business in the street"

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